Five Zeroes (Featuring Kirine)

from by The Mercy Cage



And the dirge was electric
They found her dead on both sides, blank with speed.
Corpse hounds baying in a now empty space.
For all of your suffering & all of your knowing
I thought that the title gave the answer away...
So much for the flowers here
Choked black on stems, all our histories arrayed
For all the chemistry in our version of the truth.
Like demonology, no penance here
To honour your saints delayed
And on the bleeding edge we prey...
Another Five Zeroes Down
No heroes here today
You said:
"you CAN shut it out you know"
"but it keeps intruding..."
An artefact from another time & place
When the trail went cold

Like Evelyn you were beautiful then
And in that version of the elegy we grow old
Though we're old in this one too.
This is no small defence
when boys keep slipping absent friends await
Two plagues are monumental
Its ruinous you see
Breaks thru two wires thin
Confirms the past, dissolves the maw
Threes and famines in this hole that we used to lay.

And Radiation! it follows
As logic dictates that we might break
Under the weight of this delay
with the strain of
Five Zeroes Down
No heroes here today
I scoured the wastes,
After the world fell. And you were there.
But you were charred & black.
And cold. And nothing of substance…


from Five Zeroes: An Other Suicides Companion, released December 15, 2017
Backing Vocal: Kirine
Performed and recorded by Kirine, October 3 2017 @ Bad Oldesloe, Germany
Vocal Sample: Ami Shimada


all rights reserved


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