Needle Marks: Deconstructions EP

by The Mercy Cage



The second single from the 2001 album Rust: A Fiction. Deconstructing the needle...


released August 22, 2001



all rights reserved


The Mercy Cage Auckland, New Zealand

cyber-noir from the edge of the world.

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Track Name: Needle Marks (& Scars)
It’s the same old scene this year
Checking in for minor repairs
Angel’s gone away, she pushed it an inch too far
I’ll admit i like the way you wear your marks & scars…

She screams like 1973 “I know” “I need it”
Junk makes such beautiful debris
Stay sane, at least you’ll leave a good looking corpse
Trauma claws & pretty stains All in search of brighter pain
Many voices whisper “I will end you”
Still haunted by the date Nothing left to separate
Keep breathing Inhale/exhale/exhale…

Oh, what possesses you to try & trip this….vein?

& one more time i disbelieve
Choke down the pills that Chrissi gave me & try not to think of this
Yet i wonder what possesses you to try & trip the vein?

It scars & scars & scars & scars…

Another chapter on the road to chemical divinity
I Know Why need it?
Three steps to co-dependency
I think you’re beautiful no matter what the needle marks say
Version 2.0, open up the wound & let it flow
It rains down, it’s something that she could never see
Raise the divine hand of withdrawal It’s just addiction after all
Depress the trigger on a gun called apathy

& i wonder what possesses you to try & trip this vein?

It scars & scars & scars & scars…

Don’t want to be late for the wake this time
It’s a long drive in ever decreasing circles
I’ll admit i lied to you I’ll admit i used you up inside
To feed my insecurities